Our practice is focused on enabling loved ones to be care managers; not caregivers.


The difference can be life-changing.

Understanding the risk to your family and finances associated with long-term care is essential to a complete financial plan.  We strive to protect your family members from being caregivers. It is truly an honor to care for a loved one. We want your family to surround you with love and support while providing care management. We want to empower you and your family with options for care. We want to empower your family to bring in the professionals, so they do not have to carry the burden of providing support for the six activities of daily living. 

    1. Transferring
    2. Toileting
    3. Incontinence
    4. Bathing
    5. Dressing
    6. Feeding/Eating

It starts with a conversation that is centered on education and planning for the cost of care.

Our goal is to help you to be financially prepared to retain your dignity and receive care at home for as long as possible; if that is your desire.

We will work with your accountant, investment advisor, other insurance agents, and financial professionals to execute on our LTC plan.

Our culture is built on trust and providing information on topics that are often overlooked and underserved.



To learn more please reach out to Beth Mihalovich at Elizabeth.mihalovich@lfg.com or call at (215) 527-1004